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Shot In A Mirror, a new 5" x 7" 100-page collection of 50 intimate portraits, is the second book from Don Pyle.

Spanning 1977 to 2016, this edition of colour and black and white photographs is published by Midnight Mass Books, 2022.

Shot In A Mirror features pictures of Stephen Andrews, Martin Sorrondeguy, Paul Henry, Paul and Miki Zone, Piano Rain, Dax Pierson, Bruce McCulloch, Kirby, Matt Wobensmith, Jess Scott, Diane Anastasio, Marc Manning, Matmos, Caroline Azar, Beverly Breckenridge, Bryan Fisher, George Salmoni, John Teaves, The Reds, Kevin Hegge, Extra Fancy, Soft Cell, Fred Schneider, Christeene, KP Kendall, David Bowie, Lou Reed, The Dishes, The Runaways, Long Branch, Lisa Myers, Gary Floyd, Shary Boyle, Arno Kazarian, Richard Gullo, Meg Hewings, Patti Schmidt, Edmund White and Wendy Coburn.

Reflections In A Mirror is a companion volume accompanying Shot In A Mirror. It features an interview with Don Pyle conducted by Chris Colohan and Matthew Finner. Pyle provides images relating to the conversation from his photo and personal archive. Risograph printed, 8.5” x 11”.

Each set includes a deluxe colour postcard of Gary Floyd from 2016,
and a Shot In A Mirror bookmark designed by Ashley Hohman.

Cover of Shot In A Mirror designed by Ashley Hohman.
Interior of both volumes designed and laid out by Ali Qadeer.

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